Mavis & Sim ( Perth-Prewedding Shooting )

Amazing couple. Fantastic Crew and friends. Memorable trip.

Thank you to Mavis and Sim for sharing the photos, also your friendship.

Makeup and Hairdo by Mrs. Praise’s Makeup

Photo by 馬丁光影 Martin Aesthetics

martin-aesthetics-mavis-sim_DSC6714-Edit martin-aesthetics-mavis-sim-day4_DSC7171-Edit martin-aesthetics-mavis-simDSC08421-Edit martin-aesthetics-mavis-simDSC09489-Edit martin-aesthetics-mavis-simDSC09525-Edit martin-aesthetics-mavis-simDSC09843-Edit martin-aesthetics-mavis-simDSC09892-Edit IMG_3977

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