「The Art of Simple Elegance – Presenting Professional Bridal Makeup Artist Mrs. Praise」by Precious Moment

“Looking the best on the wedding day is no doubt the ultimate wish of each and every bride-to-be. But how do we define “beauty”? What does the word “beauty” actually mean? Mrs. Praise, the professional bridal makeup artist we present today, defines beauty with her flawless and elegant makeup service. Instead of extravagant looks that go over the board, it is the belief of Mrs. Praise that simple elegance is the notion of natural beauty and unique personality.


Mrs. Praise was a Philosophy major in university, and had worked in professional industries after graduation. Later, she pursued her dream with courage, and she soon became a professional makeup artist with her own business. To express her glorification to the God, she chose the name “Praise” as the business name. With the experience gained from being an apprentice of renowned makeup artists in Hong Kong, as well as her professional qualification as bridal makeup artist, Mrs. Praise does not support mediocre makeup styles, and will not make unreasonable requests to her clients. While helping her clients to understand their own beauty, it is the goal of Mrs. Praise to create an elegant, unique and long-lasting bridal makeup for each and every bride. Enthusiastic, sincere and polite, Mrs. Praise has received countless compliments from her clients.

Besides professional pre-wedding and bridal makeup, Mrs. Praise also offers makeup service for company banquets, photography and magazines, among others. She also hosts individual and group makeup classes, in which she aims to offer the most up-to-date makeup skills and tips to students. Moreover, to show her support to environmentally friendly weddings, all clients who host shark-free banquets will receive a special offer. For more details and enquiries, check out Mrs. Praise’s website now: https://mrspraisesmakeup.wordpress.com/ (currently available in Traditional Chinese only).”


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