Timeless Elegance。永恆的優雅。

Mrs. Praise 擅於揉合亞洲和西方時尚,同時擅於分析每個人的特質,為客人打造個人化、簡約自然和具時代感的化妝造型,讓每位女性展現出獨一無二的美麗。不隨波逐流,不盲從潮流趨勢,客人是最好的繆思。持續地於化妝、髮型及花藝範疇裡進修,務求與時並進提升工作質素。

5年經驗全職化妝師。香港出生,現居澳洲墨爾本,能操英語、粵語和國語。大學學位主修哲學及宗教研究,考獲英國皇家音樂學院八級鋼琴(優異)資格,擁有完美主義者的執著性格。受哲學訓練影響,慣用critical thinking方式尋找答案和思考。



Mrs. Praise 的名字由來,代表對上帝創造獨一無二的人的讚嘆。


Mrs. Praise is a full time makeup artist with 5 years experience. Born in HK, lives in Melbourne.She is able to travel around Australia, Hong Kong and worldwide. She speaks English, Cantonese and Mandarine.

She studied Religion and Philosophy in University to receive her Batchelor Degree, train to ask and think critically.She also passed ABRSM Grade 8 piano examination in Merit. As a perfectionist, plus philosophy training, she use to think in a critical way.

Timeless elegance. A makeup is not simply about how to apply makeup products. The way you think, the way you do. Mrs. Praise loves to create nature, elegance and modern makeup to her client. She believes that the best makeup must be good enough to enhance the client’s own beauty, but not about the thicknesses of the foundation.

“Praise” to God, who saves her out from darkness.